Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why rokoko over other traditional Interior designers?


  • Enjoy the convenience of being able to design your space entirely online.
  • Share your inspiration and feedback without the challenge of scheduling in-person meetings.
  • Save money with our low-cost design fee and great prices on furniture and home decor.
  • You set your own timeline of completion so you can work within your budget. You can have an affordable room makeover design now and not have to cough up a huge furniture budget all at once.

Q: Can rokoko work with any budget ?

A: Yes. Rokoko provides customized design and purchase list considering your budget. It’s a continuous effort to offer our customer with extensive choices fitting their budget.

Q: Can I buy one single product of my choice and not a package? Will I be charged for it ?

A: Yes! You can, while surfing through our packages if you come across a product you really like then you can directly buy it from the specific seller. We will not charge anything for it!

Q: How do I interact with rokoko during the design process ?

A: Once you opt for our designing package your account will be generated. Our designers will be in continuous touch with you through uniquely designed Dashboard till the successful completion of project.

Q: Does It work for the old house and existing furniture or room needs to be a clean slate?

A: We are happy to help you either way. If you wish our designers will consider existing furniture in design of your room.

Q: What are the options for measurement? How do I figure out my room dimensions ?

A: You can choose one of the following ways to provide your room dimensions

  1. Send a blueprint of your room.
  2. Share Auto-cad drawings
  3. Simply measure your room referring to our ‘room measurement help’ video.
  4. Request for Our technician to pay a visit and take measurements.

Q: How can I upload measurements and photographs of my room?

A: Once you opt for our designing package your account will be generated. You can upload the measurements and photographs on the dashboard of the rooms that you would like to design and decorate.

Q: When will I receive my initial design concepts?

A: Designing is always an interactive process which needs your timely inputs. Generally you can expect Initial design concept within 3 working days of the request.

Q: What if I don’t like design options ?

A: It is our responsibility to offer exceptional and unending designing ideas till our customer is completely satisfied, so there is no limit to the number of designs you can request.

Q: I live outside India, can rokoko design my space ?

A: As we work through an online platform we can design your space anywhere around the globe, however, we cannot provide vendor support, you will have to take the room measurements or simply drop in a blueprint.

Q: For which cities in India rokoko serves ?

A: Rokoko is currently active in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore and would shortly be functional in other cities too.

Q: Can I ask for changes after I receive my final design ?

A: We provide you with numerous innovative designs and we would not want you to stop until you are completely satisfied however once a design is approved by you further changes cannot be made.

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