Wow your guests with Home Interior Decor This Wedding Season

Weddings are a memorable event in the family. A private wedding with a lavish reception or an all inclusive wedding and a reception – either way, you want your family, guests and friends to remember the day!

While the wedding venue will be decorated in all splendor, your home will be the “planning-centre”, the “office” for all your wedding preparations! That’s why you need the best Interior Home Decoration for your home too! This is where your friends and family will hang out for exciting discussions and planning the wedding details. That’s why you need the best of comfort for them!

Here are some wow Wedding Décor Interior Design themes:


Shiny and metallic is what this theme is all about! Our Home Interior Designers Online for Wedding will give you some dazzling options. Such as vases, wall mirrors and photo frames in brass with mirror work detailing. Or curtains in a sheer fabric dotted with mirror work. Also look at cushion covers with shiny ribbon borders. All of this suits the ‘glitter’ theme.

Colour block-

when you take a colour and apply it in geometric patterns, this becomes your colour block theme. The colour that you choose will be the theme’s focus. You can choose a single colour, or a combination of two colours, or shades of a single colour! So a block red theme would have your interior home décor dotted with the colour red. Red tea light holders, red photo frames, red cushion covers with maybe a lovely golden lace border. Or start with the colour burgundy and lighten it to a peach red throughout your décor! Burgundy curtain fabric, maroon vases and photo frames, red-and-burgundy dhurries and burgundy-and-peach red cushion covers! This theme can be expanded throughout your home! This allows you to highlight prominent places of your home with the darkest shade, and surround the lighter shades to add depth and focus! And such a festive colour too!


think retro for your theme! Time to bring out your couture pieces, those vintage curios and the grandfather clock with pendulum! You get wonderful furniture re-stain services that will help add life to your preserved pieces. Wedding Interior Design Ideas for this theme are many!


Time for your traditional handwoven rugs, earthen plant holders and mesh candle holders to take centre stage! Give your lesser used sarees a new lease by transforming them into sofa fabric, table runners, curtain drapes, etc. They also make a lovely ethnic backdrop for prominently displaying photos!

Get your home ready to celebrate your wedding! For more inspiring ideas, check out our blogs!  Book our Interior Design Packages Online for some exciting wedding season offers!

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