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Would you like to redecorate a small sized room?

Yes, decorating a small space gets tricky. But there is an upcoming announcement in your family and the space just has to be decorated! Well, congratulations on the event! And, this blog will certainly help with some of the best Modern Interior Design Ideas for a small space.

Let’s look at some of the most common small spaces and get ideas on how to decorate them:

The balcony-

For city dwellers, balcony is the connection we share with nature. Our potted plants have a soothing effect, or maybe some garden style furniture to enjoy that first morning cup of tea before beginning your day.

So what can we do to create a spacious effect?!

Wall paint in pastel shades gives the effect of spaciousness.

Rather than using potted plants, think of a hanging garden! Trailing money plant, climber roses, ferns, etc. These offer fragrance and give the effect of more space! If you are feeling more adventurous, think of a vertical garden on one wall of your balcony! You can use different coloured flowering plants combined with greens to create a wonderful green canvas!

Folding table is another marvelous idea! Make use of one wall as a hinge and customize a folding table to suit the size of your balcony. Pull it down and you have a party area, a bar, or tables for family get together!

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The study room

Most apartments come with a small sized room that is popularly used as a study room, a studio or a prayer house. Let us look at some ideas for this space:

Use the loft, if available for maximum enclosed storage. Also, paint this storage structure in pastel colours. This will give the effect of spaciousness.

Wall stacking storage, instead of a loft is another space saving idea. Use two adjacent walls for your storage requirements. Place customized storage structures one above another on these two walls. Play around with dual tone wall paint to create a spacious effect too!

Folding furniture comes in handy here too! Furniture a versatile as the humble sofa-cum-bed. Or maybe stools with storage under the seat. Maybe even an indoor swing chair in this room will help out!

The living room-

Small sized living rooms are tricky. However, we have some great Small Living Room Decorating Ideas to help you out!

Mirrors make the room appear lighter and brighter. Browse online for some fabulous wall mirrors in ornate decoration that will add a celebratory touch to your room while making it appear larger.

Moveable furniture is a trick to use! For guests staying over for afternoon snacks, wheel in the coffee table! You can then put it away later! Even futons or end tables can be used in a similar fashion.

Wall shelves give the effect for space too! And placed these strategically to showcase some wonderful curious, display books, highlight any trophies, etc.

The L shaped seating runs along the wall and is long enough to seat a crowd! Thereby saving you the need to fill the room with additional chairs and stools. And is possible, check customization options to add storage to the seating too!

So these are some must try Interior Design Ideas Bedroom, study room, living room and balcony for you to try! And be sure to look up our exciting per room design packages and make the most of our expert interior design consultation!

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