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1.Size, structure and location: what is the size you are looking for, for your office in square feet. Does it need to have separate rooms for reception, conference, workstations, etc. Can your office be situated in a building, does it have to be a shop front or a pillarless showroom space. Would a garden view be suitable or is a mall more suited.

2.Colour theme: the structure and location of your office will help you in selecting an appropriate colour theme inside. Let’s suppose your office is shopfront, the wall colour that attracts attention and second glances will certainly help customers walk through the door! Let’s suppose your office is situated in a building, then patterned wall colour might help the entering customers feel refreshed. Colour blocking could also be another option!

3.Nature of business: is your office going to address manufacturing queries, outsourcing projects, fundraising activities, software designing…? Let’s suppose your office represents manufacturing. A wall colour with bold monotones might set the right theme. Let’s suppose your office represents software designing. How about a connecting lines-patterned theme! Can you envisage probable images better!

4.Décor: the décor that you choose should tie in with the nature of business of your office. Your customers must feel that your office takes its work seriously. For a manufacturing office- how about steel and ceramic décor. Maybe a steel water cooler, rather than the plastic water dispensing unit. Wrought iron lamp shades, book ends. And maybe a ceramic vase shaped like a building or one that is hand crafted to resemble one of your own manufacturing products. If your office represents outsourcing- a world timepiece will be quite fitting with the theme! Also, décor pieces that represent the countries that you have outsourced for or outsourced to. And a Buddha statue, bamboo shoots, or classy wind chimes could strike the right note. For an office that handles fundraisers- definitely notes from the beneficiaries. Maybe framed and hung strategically on the walls. Maybe caricatured strategically onto the wall. One wall specifically portraying upcoming projects. And a standee conveniently placed with brochures and donation method details- with pen holder! For the office that houses software designing, the wall theme could be abstract or patterned. To connect the visiting customer to the product. And not to forget a lounge area for the techies to unwind that could comprise of relaxing décor. Maybe with some squishy stress objects.

5.Once you cover these basics, choosing furniture should be a walk in the park… pun intended!
Chairs, workstations, conference tables, coffee table…. And blinds, storage space, artifacts and all.

Well, let’s go to the drawing board and chalk out a plan using these tips. And should you find yourself ‘stuck’, Rokoko’s expert interior designers are at your service! They will help make your dream office space a reality- online!

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