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Working on your home redesign? We’ll make it easy for you!

If you want to redesign your home, as per your requirements, getting the work done locally can be tedious and frustrating, with a less than satisfactory outcome.

Because you picture your redesign most accurately, you end up doing most of the running around and coordination, with the various craftsmen, labourers and deliver services. The extensive search for a good carpenter (groan!) who will use the kind of wood you want and give it the kind of finish which you have pictured will look great in your redesigned home. And then there’s the identical copy’s that look original- you really can’t tell most of the times. All of this within your set budget (gasp!)

And then ofcourse, the wall colour – searching through the vast colour palette available in the market for the right wall colour texture or wallpaper – further takes up time. When you think you’ve decided on a wall colour, the colour texture is not what you have in mind! And its back to the vast colour palette (sigh!)

This searching business snowballs into a huge mountain, with the actual home redesign seeming like a faraway dream. And we have not even looked at fixtures yet!!

Now, if we say you can leave the hassle to our experts and just point at what you like-  the actual home redesign is within your grasp now isn’t it!

At Rokoko, our interior designers will work with you and picture your home redesign. Based on this, furniture, wall colour and texture or wall paper, all fixtures and fittings and all the accessories will be reviewed with you- from the comfort of your home – online!

All of this as close within your set budget as possible.

Through Rokoko’s innovative online interior design service, a 3D design will be shared in order for you to actually picture what your home redesign will look like. And then we get to work to get this done!

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