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The month of December is one of goodwill, of sharing and of celebrating! Weddings, an engagement, parties, and family gatherings.

With so much on your to do list, your budget takes a hit! Thus, a good offer or two are welcome news! Which is exactly what you get when you Book Interior Designers Online at Rokoko!

Really! Want to know how? We’ll show you:

Step 1:

Visit our website and select our online interior design package that will work best with you. Rokoko understands your decoration needs and translates this into a pricing package to suit your requirements while allowing you access to our best interior design expertise.

Step 2:

Now for the measurements! We have a selection of methods by which you can share the measurements of the selected room/ rooms/ house with our expert team. This is necessary in order for us to offer appropriate suggestions while putting together the right sized furniture and accessory pieces for your redecoration space.

Step 3:

What will be your decorating style preference? Would you like to decorate incorporating design elements from different eras in a transitional style? Or will your preference be towards nature-inspired textures with simple yet earthy colors with the rustic style! Or will it be modern styling that you prefer. Whichever style you decide, Rokoko will help you take it forward.

Step 4:

What categories of furniture must you have in your redecorated space. At the moment, look at the categories on a larger-picture mode. For example: sofa seating, tv unit, shoe rack and book shelves, etc. And once you are ready, move on to specifying sub categories of the actual furniture pieces that you are looking for. Next, we gradually build up towards adding the decoration finishing touches with the selection of furnishings and décor

Step 5:

Rokoko has an attractive shop and save feature! The shopping requirement that you have in mind can be searched online right here on the Rokoko website, with pieces that match as well as Rokoko-recommended pieces. And what’s more: Contractors, craftsmen, wholesale finds are all in here as well! And our expert Online Interior Decorator will guide you every step of the decorating way.

Thus, Rokoko is your one stop shop for your interior decoration needs.

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