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Small Changes. Big Difference.

Earlier this year, we ran a makeover contest for our customers in Mumbai. People were asked to share pictures of any space they wanted to spruce up, and we’d send our favourite style diva Trumatter (aka Rukmini Ray Kadam) over to help. We wanted to prove that a few tiny changes is all it takes to make a world of a difference to any space.

Featured below is Rukmini’s account of the challenge, which was originally published on her blog. Read on to know how Rukmini transformed Urvashi’s living room with a few simple touches.


Thoughts From The Before Home


Honestly, I lucked out because I had a clean slate and not clutter. In my stint with home makeovers, I have had a few very depressing homes to start with (including one of my own rentals too). Thankfully, Urvashi’s home – though simple – was not cluttered and took away at least 4 steps from our home makeover journey.



I Love The Beach. And I’d Want A Beach House Feel.

The most challenging bit of a home makeover is probably bringing out the personality of the home owner in a way that brings a smile to their face. Your home is not just a jumble of good looking things, but a reflection of you. One step inside and you’ll know who lives there – what they like, love and adore. So before bringing it all in, I took a look at her existing upholstery and asked herhow she’d like to feel when she stepped in.

Thankfully (yet again), Urvashi loves beach hues and she said, “I would love a coastal feel in this space… something that allows me to sit and look out of the window.” You know, honestly, I might have clapped a little (in my mind) because those two things – my God! God knows that those two things are right up my alley! I can create nooks for nothingness just about anywhere, and beach hues are certainly my “thang”. But it was not as easy as it sounds.


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