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Renovating your living room? Keep these essentials in mind

Recycle or not to recycle– if you have good quality furniture, you may want to keep it. Maybe move some pieces into another room, or find a good home for your old furniture and go new!

Subtle touches or redo the room– you could add accessories to provide your living room with a facelift. There is a whole range to chose from. Wall frames, potted plants, a bright mix of cushions and rug, a quirky wall clock, figurines, and so much more.

…Or redo the entire room if that’s what you have in mind!

Consistent theme throughout the house– a theme throughout your home gives a feeling of continuity. There are a number of ways this can be achieved. You could have a colour paint theme,
a patterned carpet theme, décor-based theme, a theme based on the type of furniture that you use throughout your home, etc.

Flooring– will it be tiled floor, carpet floor, wooden floor? Some deciding factors should include the following:
i. Weather- living near the coast? Then maybe carpets are not a good choice. Very cold weather? Carpets are a definite possibility!
ii. Family members- young children, elders will find less polished tiles more comfortable. Spills will be easily mopped up on tiles rather than a carpet floor. If you have furry friends, you
might want to look at the easy-to-clean flooring options! Or maybe give them the run of your balcony exclusively!
iii. Time spent at home or frequent traveler-a frequent traveler could want to return to a cosy home. Hence the options could lean more towards patterned tiles, wooden flooring or
carpet flooring. Cosy and yet easy to maintain.

Light-do you like a lot of light in your living room, or will it shine off your television too much. Pastel colours reflect light and give a room the feeling of spaciousness. A bold colour palette on the other hand, can add a touch of drama to your living room.

Discounts or fresh stock– if you like to shop for discounts (duh! As if I need to ask!), the festive season will offer you lots of choices. With many brands offering attractive discounts during this

While there are a lot of options, take your time to decide what you want, and then have fun renovating! This way, the effort you put in and the results will definitely be satisfactory!


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