Patriotic theme through your home

We show our respect by hoisting the Flag, singing patriotic songs and dressing in the national colours. Why stop at buying a few memorabilia for your home- let the patriotism reflect proudly throughout your home!

To honor Replublic Day, dress up your home in patriotic colours! Rokoko’s online interior decorators give you some theme ideas.

Patriotic inspiration:

Colour block-

Go bold with the saffron, white and green theme throughout your home. Your picture frames, wall clock and wall mirror can have colour block frames to resemble the National colours. A great DIY project to include your family- make the frames out of marble paper or crepe paper. Give the frames a personal touch with white paper decorated finger dip-painting!

Go Blue-

Dot your entire home throughout with blue. Cushion covers, décor and flowers in the flower vase for the living room. Table runner for your kitchen table. Hand towels in the bathroom can be blue to! Maybe a blue coloured décor piece in the balcony.


This humble yet immensely durable fabric symbolizes patriotism to a ‘T’!  At Rokoko buy from the best Interior Design Shops Online with attractive offers juts for this day! Khadi cushion covers or a wall hanging for your living room. Also get khadi prints for your kitchen table runner.

Traditional butti-

Go traditional with the very versatile silk butti-work fabric. Use this in the patriotic colours to highlight a focal wall in the living room. With your photos frames, curios and décor pieces in white to create a lovely 3D effect!

And to honor this day, Rokoko has an attractive design package discount that you must use! Select a room to decorate and get started today !

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