Luxury Interior Design Ideas For Every Home

Luxury is synonymous with money! However, for every individual, luxury is a very relative term. How so, you ask?! A couple buy a basic hatchback car model, and get the interiors redone of the very highest price range available! Or, an engaged couple opt for a court marriage, a lavish reception for their near & dear ones and a luxurious honeymoon package travelling Europe (as an example!) For a 5th anniversary, the husband decides to splurge on the finest quality diamond earrings for his wife. Well, this is luxury at its relative best!

Coming to your home, wouldn’t you like to know a few ideas that say ‘luxury’. You could keep some luxurious Interior Home Decoration themes ready for when you have to host important guests, or maybe when you have a grand family get together, etc!

Our Interior Design Consultant has put together a few ‘luxurious’ ideas here, just for you!

Use of satin

Satin has a luxurious feel to it and looks shiny and rich. The use of satin around your home has endless options. Use this luxurious material for curtain drapes. Throw pillows in satin covers add a touch of extravagance! A table cloth in satin with self coloured embroidery is inviting yet glamorous.

False ceiling

During an evening party at home, would you like your guests to look up to disco lights?! Or maybe abstract marble painted designs on the ceiling?! This is the beauty of a false ceiling. Get a host of false ceiling designs from our very talented home interior decorators designed to give your living room a luxurious feel.

Gilded mirrors

Mirrors add depth to a room. They brighten up a room. Mirrors are a must luxury accessory to add to your living room! Our best Interior Design Consultants will help you dress up this luxury accessory in various different styles, such as carved wooden frame, period-designed frame, an ornate frame in gold finish, etc.


Marble is another interior design element that relates to luxury. Marble accents to a focal living room wall. Marble in the bathroom is the epitome of luxury feel! With our expert interior designers at your service, luxurious Interior Home Decoration seems a breeze!

Rokoko brings you Online Home Decorating Services that encourage you to envision your ideas for your home, while we focus on the execution. Our online design packages thoughtfully tailor individual room requirements so you can start slow and easy. Look up our website, select a room  and get started today!

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