Interior Designing Tips to Decorate Your Kids Bedroom

You have decided to decorate you’re your kids bedroom, hurray! Having a room to call their own makes such a difference to children. They learn to be independent, to put away their belongings and keep the room tidy, and be responsible for their room!

A wonderful way to get your children involved and to make them feel ready to take responsibility towards their room is to add DIY elements to the décor! Here, Rokoko has the best online interior decorators to give you some great Kids Bedroom decoration ideas:


As your kids grow, their tastes change. Rocking toys will be given up to favor toy cars, airplanes or dolls. The wall colours they saw as babies will not be well received as they grow! This is where wall paper comes in handy. You get to choose among a whole range of designs, colours and patterns. They are easy to replace compared to wall paint. You can also take your kids’ taste into consideration when making a change! And when you shop at Rokoko, you get some of the latest Home Interior Design Offers to chose from!

Funky storage-

For young children, storage is an essential treasure box where they can find all their toys! And it is a great way to keep the room tidy within a short time. For older children, storage can be used as extra seating too! And having a fun design such as a lion-head, or a favourite geometric pattern will add a funky element. Rokoko’s Online Interior Decorator can guide you on the best options available.

Have a good night-

A good night’s sleep is so important. Thus having a comfortable bed and mattress goes a long way to ensure sound sleep. There are many kid-friendly options available to choose amongst. With bedsheets in cartoon print, geometric pattern prints or various Walt Disney character prints. The bed itself can be in a different shape such as racing car, sleeping lion, etc! such a fun way to sleep! Or this could be a great DIY activity to do with your children- decorating the bed. For inspiration, you can always speak to Rokoko’s DIY Interior Designers, Pune who are always ready to help you!

It’s study time-

Childhood includes a lot of studying! Make sure your kids have a comfortable study space with some great options available Rokoko’s Home Interior Decorators in Pune. We can provide all the latest available options in wood, metal or modular study furniture. The study space can be just a table and chair, or could be more inclusive of cupboards, stationery compartments, adjustable tables that grow with your children, etc.

It’s play time-

For a bit of free time in the kids bedroom, go DIY again with your children! Make seperators to keep different sized toys. Make compartments to store beads, lego and clay. Have a gaming zone for that toy train or a game of ping-pong! These few ideas will surely make your kids feel comfortable in their room. They should be able to time out and play, seriously study, have fun times with their friends and also maybe a few sleepovers. Making happy memories in their room with you will be so great!

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