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Interior Design Tips for a Sparkling Diwali

It’s time to prepare for Diwali!

Decorate your home to match the Diwali festivities that will surround you shortly! Surely you must have Diwali Interior Design Ideas ready by now. Well, don’t wait too long to execute them! You say you’re not sure yet?

Let us help you with 5 tips on your home Interior Designing for Diwali.

The wall paint colour:

This is an essential part of defining our homes!  With Diwali approaching fast, why not give your home a festive colour theme? Colours such as red and orange are bright and yet filled with energy. The blue and purples make your room ‘cool’ You could also go earthy with various shades of browns. And, to add a further festive touch- get creative with design effects. Add this to just one portion of one wall. How about one wall portion and a quarter of the ceiling above it as well?! How about a bright coloured design effect on one part of a wall, with the rest of the room painted in contrast colour! Interior Designing for Diwali just became more fun!

Simply no time- shop online:

Let’s face it, Diwali is like just days away now and last minute shopping, just became more crowded and time consuming. What’s the fun in that? So, fire up your device and comfortably shop Online Interior Designing Ideas for Diwali! And get attractive discounts too!

Let’s move some furniture around:

You want to experiment by moving existing furniture around? That’s a good idea too! Did you know that Rokoko has an online platform where arrangement can be experimented? Huge advantage- no lugging around furniture until you are completely satisfied!  Choose from Online Interior Design Packages at Rokoko!

What is the highlight of your room:

Is it the wall with all your family memories? Is it the fancy chandelier? Is it the pretty décor piece? Let’s make this the attention centre of your living room! How? Bright colours draw attention- right? So get some colourful bright frames… or a brighter illuminating bulb…. or decorate flowers around your pretty décor piece. You’ve managed to brighten up the room!

Try Rokoko’s design package:

For expert Online Interior Decorator services, select from the Online Interior Design Packages at Rokoko. And get some last minute help on all your Diwali Interior Design Ideas!

Wish you and your loved ones a Happy Diwali!

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