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Are you a fan of DIY?! Do you like your family to feel involved in decorating your home?! Do share some of your best DIY ideas with us! At Rokoko, we always like to learn about DIY home decoration Ideas from homemakers, professionals and artists! We have a presence in the 4 cities of Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad and love to see which popular DIY ideas are unique to these cities!

If you are interested but don’t know where or how to begin, let us help you out! Here we share some DIY Ideas for the home from the best DIY Interior Designers Pune.

Let us look at some easy yet classy DIY ideas for your home:

Crochet and sewing-

Crochet is the process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook (according to Wikipedia) there are many tutorials on pinterest, youtube, etc that are easy to understand. This beautiful and attractive method can be used all around your home and not just for pooja covers. Make a beautiful and colourful crochet frame for a mirror. This mirror can be hung in the living room, in the guest bedroom or in the bathroom. It will immediately add colour to your space!

As for sewing- there is already so much material available on the internet, that we need not add to it! Let’s just say, DIY never looked more creative and easy. Table runners, cushion covers, lace curtains, curtain drapes… the possibilities are endless! And a great way for everyone in the family to be involved! This will give you some unique DIY Interior Designs for your home!


Usually, when you think collage, you picture a poster with various pictures glued together to create a theme. Such as favourite travels, graduation year, wedding, family gatherings, etc. how about replicating this theme to your décor?! Do you have a party to plan?! How about making a collage out of your not-used-now-party clothes lying in the closet! Shimmering shrugs, velvet tunics, denim skirts and sequined tops. Maybe cutting them into geometric shapes gives you a table runner! Or can they be transformed into a party sofa cover! It’s going to be a memorable party for sure!


If there are CDs lying around unused, they will make great coasters! Use markers or paint to decorate them and your indigenous coasters are ready! Or turn them into photo frames, or stack them up and glue them together into your own work of art. This could also be a great craft activity for children. Painting the shiny disks should keep them occupied for a while!

This should get you thinking about some great DIY Interior Designs for your home. For some more inspiration, check out Rokoko’s blogs on our website too! Discover your DIY skills with Rokoko!

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