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Ideas to Brighten up Your Home for Diwali

Space- big or small, Walls- dark or pastel colored, rooms- big or small. Diwali is Diwali is Diwali!

Take a look at these inspiring Diwali Interior Design Ideas to decorate your space.


If the walls are pastel colored, use the concept of contrast to brighten your space. Dark colored furniture. Brightly embroidered sofa fabric, curtains or table covers.


Cuddle cushions, curtains, throws for your seating area, wall paper, door mats… the Interior Home Decoration ideas are endless! Dress them up in bright fabrics or use shimmer material to give these a decorative border, or go traditional with a zari border… Which one will you choose as your Diwali theme!

Multifunctional furniture-

This is a boon for utilizing space to the maxx!  With a huge variety at your fingertips via Interior Design Shops Online, choose from the comfort of your home while sipping a hot cup of tea. Ottomans with storage, coffee tables with multi-purpose compartments, a futon, expandable tables, and many many more! Diwali Decor Interior Design is on track!

Quirky décor, curios or lighting accessories-

Screens and room dividers add a traditional touch to your space.  Planters add freshness to your space. Try a tripod lamp which can be adjusted around for those late night readings, or a boisterous game around the coffee table!  Add strings of shells, a row of tiny mirrors, etc to add a festive look!


Terecotta showpieces can be handpainted. Use shimmer paint to dress up diyas.  Make a paper lantern with gelatin paper. Reuse your silks and shiffons to make table runners, cushion covers, drapes, etc! Isn’t Diwali Interior Design Ideas fun!


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