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At Rokoko, you get the advantage of exploring new ideas or browsing through our blogs for inspiring ideas for your Interior Home Decoration. Our online presence means you can visit us at any time of the day, as per your convenience. We are also available in the top 4 cities of Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore!

Here we have compiled some of the best ideas for you:


if you have good quality furniture, you may consider keeping it, rather than sell it or exchange it for a new piece of furniture. That’s alright. Rokoko’s expert Interior Design Consultant will give you useful suggestions of relocating the furniture to a different room, or maybe upgrading the upholstery for a fresh look!


This technique is a great was to bring focus to the part of the home that you prefer. If the walls are pastel coloured, use the concept of contrast to brighten your space. Maybe use dark coloured furniture or brightly embroidered sofa fabric, curtains and table covers. This can change the look of a room!

False ceiling-

This is a great Modern Interior Design Idea and our Online Professional Interior Decorating Service can guide you on the best designs available in order to incorporate the most effects into the false ceiling of your choice. Could be lighting, air conditioning, music speakers and much more!

Multifunctional furniture-

This is another great Interior Design Idea. To start, multifunctional furniture comes in handy when you need extra seating or extra sleeping space.  This furniture can be decorated in pretty fabrics or rich fabrics according to the occasion. Thus, it is a great versatile addition to your home! For example Ottomans offer storage and comfortable seating, coffee tables have numerous compartments while a futon is comfortable seating yet expands into sleeping!


With Rokoko, Interior Home Decoration becomes a fun project. Visit and get started today!

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