5 Fun Ideas to Pep Up Your Home Interior Design

The month of February spells L-O-V-E in so many different ways… because of the celebrated Valentine’s day! Pink, purple, red & orange are just a few of the colours that will be seen this month.  At Rokoko, our expert online interior decorators have put together some fun ideas to help with your Home Interior Design Online.

The 5 fun ideas are:

Coffee table is a versatile table-

A coffee table in the living room is such a necessity. Relax and put your feet up. Watch your favourite TV serial and lay out your high tea. Use it as a table for those hurried notes and last-minute writing. This same coffee table will serve as your gaming table too! You can have a party-themed table cloth such as polka dots, beverage patterns and food patterned fabric for this table cloth. Use the various compartments to store all your game requirements. No need to go back and forth to the storage cupboard! And for valentine’s day- what better place setting for your scented candles, chocolate mousse and bowl of red roses!

Living room window seat with storage-

Make the best use of your living room space. The latest style of tall, sliding windows portrays clean lines and depth to a room.  Use wall paper to dress up the remainder wall underneath the windows! Or use this as a storage-cum-window seat arrangement. Which will be perfect for special occasions such as Valentine’s day. With satiny fabric for your window seat, or balloons that form a heart over the tall windows! Create a look that will be memorable!

Whiteboard along one wall-

Kids and adults all like scribbling & doodling. That’s why a whiteboard / chalkboard in your living room! Play charades, write down reminders and doodle in your free time! And what better way to express your love than a lovey-dovey message!

String curtains-

With string curtains, the options are endless when it comes to fun ideas and theme decorations!  For an evening party, dangle fairy lights. For a family lunch, decorate the curtains with potted vines! And for Valentine’s day- balloons alternating in red and pink all along, or the same theme with fragrant roses!

Paint that window-

If you have an artistic flair, let it shine through a glass painting on your living room window! The painting can be temporary and changed to match an occasion or a family event, or a theme party or a birthday party. Wow your guests, friends and loved ones with a wonderful painting- on the living room window! These are a few fun ideas that should get you inspired to try out yourselves! If you do, we are eager to know! For any more DIY ideas, Rokoko has the most talented DIY interior designers Pune. Visit us to find out!

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