3 Interior Design Styles That Are Never Out of Fashion

Interior designing is a process of making use of the available space in the best possible way. It is more than 100 years old art and science that makes any space aesthetically pleasing. Initially, there used to be a single room for preparing food, eating, sleeping as people used to live in tents, igloos, and places that had small areas.

Different techniques and living styles from different regions evolved interior designing over time. In Roman villas, different spaces for different uses were designed. Ancient Indian Havelis were decorated with the stories of God and had natural and delicate elements like mirrors, gemstones. Egyptian belief in the spiritual power of geometrical patterns made them create spaces with symmetrical frames and columns.

The term interior designer was first used in the 1930s. From then the designing techniques and styles have been evolved. Interior designing requires a keen interest in aesthetics and science of spaces. It has changed with the era to the online interior designing process. But there are some time tasted interior styles and techniques that are never out of fashion.

  1. Antiques

Ask your interior designers in Pune to make your home look antique and he will go for such classic ornaments and structures that everyone will fall for it! While decorating a home in antique style, you can add antique style sofas such as Fainting couch, Devenport sofa, or Récamier Daybed that can look classic even today. With the vision from the expert home interior designer, the elements such as antique window/door frames, Breakfront, Lowboy, Settees, Fireplaces, and many more high quality, handmade craft materials, and pieces can make a place look timelessly good.

  1. White it is!

Painting a place is the easiest way to change the feel of the place. But some colors can go out of style after a certain period, unlike white. A neutral or white painted wall will be in harmony forever. With several white shades and combinations available, you can add any pattern or style to complement it, and it will be upright!

  1. Keep it simple, keep it minimum!

A timelessly loved technique of minimalism can never go out of style. Minimalism lets you declutter the place and choose the best one for your home. You choose what is perfect for the place and your values. Rather, for any design style that you choose, follow minimalism to make it look classic, elegant, and eternal.

These are some of the interior design styles that can never fail to look amazing and ageless. While choosing a fashion, remember the saying by designer Thomas Pheasant,

“Pick what you like because living with a trend that is not you is never a good choice.”

Which amongst this will you choose?

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